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True Health & The Power of Kangen UKON™ Turmeric

My Story

Just over 12 years ago, my wife Michele & I received some very disturbing news regarding my health, which was to completely devastate our lives as we knew it!

I was diagnosed with a slowly progressive, chronic and debilitating, autoimmune neuromuscular condition called, ironically, IBM! (Inclusion Body Myositis)

Why ironical? Because I had learnt my profession, with IBM the global computer giant, became a Business Partner with them, and was able to build a hugely successful consultancy business, which in turn provided us with an amazing  lifestyle, many would envy!

I was informed by the eminent Consultant, that there was no known cause for this rare condition, therefore there was no known cure either and that I would just have to learn to live with it the best I can!  Oh and by the way you will be probably be in a wheelchair within 2 years!

I was also led to believe that there would be no accompanying pain, but soon learned that was not true! There is indeed a great deal of pain, especially when I was constantly falling over several times a day, for no apparent reason!

I also learnt more about my rare autoimmune condition which left me in ‘screaming pitch’ agony in an A&E unit, several years later, which prompted my eventual fight for survival, or die which, I am sad to say, was a thought that did pass through my mind at the time! Such was the poor state of my mind!

A Light Bulb Moment…

I woke up and took that leap of faith that most entrepreneurs know, where we are driven to follow our instincts to find a solution, no matter what may stand in our way!

I am pleased to say that my inbuilt desire to survive was successful, and I am now able to get out of my wheelchair and walk again.

I no longer endure the debilitating pain, from arthritis, migraine or acid reflux. No longer do I have sleepless nights, and chronic fatigue! I do however now have the energy of a much younger man once again, that belies my 75 years.

It all came from simply returning to nature and original remedies, through a complete change of diet and a 4 thousand year old original spice, so many people are talking about today, plus drinking alkaline ionised water.

The icing on the cake soon followed, with not having to worry about the dire financial situation our devastating news put us in, but being able to enjoy life once again with a bright future ahead of us, by teaching and helping enough other people get what they want first, and so reaping the financial rewards that I am pleased to say, accompany that success.

If you would like to know more, go to my website the Power Of Turmeric