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Thank you for joining me on my journey to living life to the absolute fullest. Here you will find endless resources about health and wellness, all obtained from my very own experiences. I do hope you find what you are looking for.

Ron E West

You can do anything you want to in your life, be sure to enjoy it and above all do no harm, especially to you! 

Charles Syms Bateman 1879 – 1962


The Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Doing what we love to do.

The search for True Health in our lives.

Disability Issues, and Making a difference in society

  1. The Entrepreneurial Spirit.

My definition: Whatever it is that you do, always do your best.

I love solving challenges, I want to be the best at doing it! I use my intuition and creativeness to achieve it!

Working on the premise of Helping others to achieve their goals first.

“You CAN do anything you like in this World, be sure to enjoy it and above all, do NO harm” – Charles Syms Bateman

The best rewards come from the ‘Gratitude’ shown by people you are able to help, especially when you are able to lift them up and resolve their challenges with them.

“If you can help enough other people to achieve their goals in life, you will always find a way of achieving yours” – Zig Ziglar.

The best lessons I have learnt come from a book written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by the great Industrialist, Business Magnate and  Philanthropist,  Andrew Carnegie.

“Think and Grow Rich”

‘Thoughts are Things’  the title of the first chapter, is just the beginning, eventually leading on to a most inspiring statement many have all heard, yet not necessarily understood…

Whatever the Mind of Man can Conceive and Believe, He can Achieve”

2. Doing what we Love to do is so important.

People will more often than not, always end up doing the things they love to do, much better than things they are instructed to do. Therefore they are likely to become more productive in their personal desires, provided they believe in their ability to achieve them.

3. The Search for True Health in our lives.

I believe that everyone wants to ‘enjoy’ their lives above everything else.

I also believe that starts with the family unit.

The ‘Family Unit’ has been eroded in the ‘Culture’ of the UK, compared to the Southern Countries of Europe and indeed most of the rest of the world where the family is kept together.

“True Health” is a concept that I have only recently learnt over the last 5 years, through my own personal experiences of a chronic condition, and the reasons I believe for it.

True Health to me is the ultimate trilogy of a Healthy Mind, a Healthy Body and Healthy Finances. These three states are intrinsically intertwined where each condition relies on the strength of the other two. A lesson I learnt and will never forget.

The ‘Healthy Body’ for me, was the one thing I ignored, and this is where I now feel I should be, in my personal ‘desire’ to ‘make a ‘difference’.

4. Disability Issues, and Making a difference in Society.

My ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’, has often led me to do things that very few other people want to do, and therefore provided me with a ‘purpose’ in life, that of problem solving, or as I like to say ‘providing solutions through discussion’.

The rewards for me are not money, but the gratitude reflected to me from the people I help when a challenge they face has a beneficial outcome and provides them with the ‘peace of mind’ for them to go on and attain an enjoyable existence.

Once again I have found a personal cause to champion, that of Disability Issues in our Community.

The lack of understanding how people with impairments, both physical and mental,  are not necessarily ‘disabled’, but more ‘abled’ than at first appears, simply because we learn how to achieve our objectives in a different and most times, more efficient way.
Therefore, in effect we are ‘differently abled’ as opposed to ‘disabled!‘ More often than not we are also able to achieve more, not less than the abled bodied.


Everything enjoyable in life for me, has been ‘teaching’ and ‘mentoring’.

Through teaching I learn something new every day, and through mentoring, I am able to share my knowledge and experiences with others, for them to live a more enjoyable and peaceful life.

Positivity supersedes Negativity every time!

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand.

Ron E West

‘Always here to help’