My 6 Grandsons join me on my 75th Birthday Celebrations…


About me…

I am now 75 years ‘young!’ and yes I am still here!

I say that as much in jest as I do in all seriousness…
Today, I feel so grateful to be here at all, after spending the last 12 years, recovering from a rare neuromuscular disorder, which seemed to take forever to manifest itself!

If there is one lesson I have learned over these last few years, it is that of the message of retaining True Health in my life!
How important it is to look after the one and only ‘vehicle’ we spend our whole life in!
Our amazing, unique, self healing body!

We all have just one of these, and we need to look after it as we do our most prized possession!

I learnt at a very early age from my maternal Grandfather, that “Everything happens for a reason, my boy!”

Wow! was he right? or what!

I also learnt, a little later, that for every action we take in our lives there is always an opposite, yet equal, reaction!


A moment reflecting…

So here I am now in late 2017, well on the way to recovering from a basic mistake, regarding my own health!

I had made that error, in my most financially successful years, doing what I always wanted to do..

I had crafted my profession as a communications specialist in IBM UK Ltd, then subsequently I broke away to form my own consultancy, yet still being involved with IBM as a Business Partner and working with them.

Thanks to the most influential and wise mentor, I had the good fortune to meet, one Zig Ziglar – whose famous and inspirational quote, still rings in my mind today: – “You, can have EVERYTHING, you WANT in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want!”

I went right up to the pinnacle of that sweet success, in my finest hour, in Gibraltar, always helping others, teaching and  learning something new everyday, while at the same time loving every moment of a vocation I was so grateful to have found, where I never thought of it as ‘work’ – but  always as one of the most enjoyable times of my life… 


Then BAM!.. everything falls apart!.. What on earth happened??..

I have now come to realise, that none of us can afford to ignore the subtle little messages, which emanate constantly from our amazing physical form,  that every one of us experiences many times throughout our lives.

When we get a ‘pain’, our body is telling us, “There is something wrong, with what you are doing to me!”, but we are all just too busy, doing something we believe at the time is more important…

“We ARE invincible!”
–  We say to ourselves,as we reach for the instant short term solution, instead of seeking the cause of that ‘pain’, swallowing the ‘pill of suppression’, provided yet again from our learned but very overstretched medical profession.

Oh how wrong we all are!..

We hear quotes and inspirational phrases from famous people, yet we still ignore that advice, and take the medicine (usually a suppressant) rather than heed the warnings.

I know! I learnt, what I believe to be one of the hardest lessons of all!

The ‘Dali Llama’ summed it up so eloquently, when he said: –

“Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. Then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present: the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”


 My body finally, had just had enough!

If I am honest. it started to fail me some 10 or even more, years earlier… yet I stupidly kept on ignoring the signs until it then started to attack in a most vicious but slow progression… I began to lose my strength, then my balance, continuing in a stumble awkward gait, falling and tripping, which not only produced more pain in grazed knees, but also ripped the knee area in many pairs of trousers, as I stumbled across the border, through the customs check point into Gibraltar where I was so, so fortunate to begin my day, doing the things I had come to love most.


The Diagnosis…

I was diagnosed, after a period of some 5 months, in April 2006, with an ‘autoimmune’ condition called, funnily enough, “I.B.M”…

“What did you say?”  I asked the eminent neurological consultant…

How could I have something called IBM?, didn’t he know?…


On to those early dark years, soon after our return to the UK…

I  started by helping to resolve most of the issues that arose, when my family, friends and colleagues, got on the ‘home’ computer. I could still advise them all, on how to get the most out of what they had. I still had the patience and understanding, to lead them through all the steps they required, so that they could learn at their own pace and achieve whatever it is they wanted, with their ‘home’ computers.

I helped with both the major computer platforms. (‘Microsoft Windows’ and ‘Apple’),  as it was a minefield out there, and I had probably, more often than not, ‘been there and done that’.


Some ‘Techie’ bits…

The majority of ‘home’ computer users, were still with the Windows operating systems, which alone had many, many varieties to contend with. So no wonder most users were confused, and we had not even mentioned the several different versions of the Apple MAC machines. (That paragraph probably meant very little to most who are reading this! but it does emphasise the point that help was needed out there!)

The World is always changing… Today a new generation of ‘computers’ have already evolved, and, what’s more they’re moving at a rapid pace…. they are now known as…

The “Tablets” and “Smart Phones”…

There are still not many people out there, who have realised how versatile these devices are, nor how rapidly they are replacing the desktop computer!

They all have incredible versatility of a…

Camera – both ‘Still & Video’
‘Movie Maker
Video conferencing – ‘Face Time’ -Skype®- Google ® Hangouts..
Music Player – iTunes
SAT Navigator – (Cell network, really)
Bar-code Reader…
& Many, many more too numerous to list here – but…
They are still  ‘Mobile ‘Phone’s too!

“What a wonderful World we live in”…


I know what many of your challenges are… I’ve been there!

I know that it is very frustrating, and can often be ‘mind-blowing’ , in order to understand why you home computer is not performing as well as the ‘salesman’ told you it would, at the time you bought it.

There are virus’s – bugs, – spyware, – hackers – e-mails, – contacts –

“My computer’s SLOW – I’ve lost the INTERNET! – My Printer won’t work! – What do you mean? Can I SCAN it? – How do I attach a document? – What does a ‘Spread Sheet’ do? –

So Many Challenges, and all I wanted was to write a letter!….

That’s where I can help!..


I was one of the few people in life, who really enjoyed the journey!….

I had enjoyed a good life over the years with my own business in supporting my clients with their computer challenges, mainly in System Software and Operating Systems, plus providing them all with my speciality in Computer Communications and Networking.


We’ve reaped some rewards… but then…

This had provided me, and my family with a relatively high standard of living, which was going very well until, that fateful day in April 2006…
I learned that I had contracted a neuromuscular disorder, which had left me for most of the day in a wheelchair.
We  were  effectively forced to return to the UK, to get the support and treatment, that I needed to survive.  Sadly we had to give up our business, and our lovely Spanish villa on a golf  course in southern Spain, and were now living  in wheelchair accessible accommodation, in Warsash in the Hampshire countryside.


OK… I’m a little bit ‘less-mobile’ but hey…
there’s always someone worse off…
There’s always a way round a challenge!

I was, and still am!, able to help lots of friends, relatives and past clients with their home computers, using a remote control programme that allowed me to work with them on their own machines, from my office at home. It was no longer necessary for me to travel to their homes to help them, and to that end, I am now able to help others in the same way.


It’s still the same guy out here…

I still have the knowledge, the skills, the patience and the time, plus the knowledge of technology, to help many people who are new to this fast changing world of the Home computers and the Internet, attain their confidence and knowledge, so that they too can enjoy this new interest in their lives.


My Family Life so far..

I am very privileged to have a loving wife Michele,  who has supported me in all my endeavours, through both prosperous and lean times. I also have two wonderful daughters, Angela and Sharon(both now married) who have presented me with 6 grandsons between them.
(There they are at the top of this page…)