Drink the Cloud

Drink the Cloud!

I would like to share something with you…

Every day, several times a day, when I turn on this marvellous machine from Japan,
I hear a little voice say “Kangen Water 9.5,” and my body instantly feels supported.

As the machine begins its filtration cycle,
it draws up ordinary tap water and transforms
it into something absolutely amazing!
Then, as if by magic, it promptly delivers
filtered, fresh, cool and delicious, ionised
alkaline drinking water.

Peering into the glass, the first thing I notice
is the milky cloud. This is how I know my
machine is working optimally. The cloud
is formed from super-charged, tiny bubbles of hydrogen gas (H2), which is one of the
key components to this fantastic water.

This is a huge part of what gives Kangen Water® its amazing health benefits so, go on and
Drink the Cloud, quickly before it dissipates! 

Ahh.. that’s the stuff!

Benefits of Bubbles

The tiny H2 (molecular hydrogen) bubbles you see in a glass of Kangen Water®
are generated during the process of electrolysis in the Enagic® water ionising machine.
The potential of Hydrogen or pH is the measure of hydrogen-ion concentration present,
which affects alkalinity.

Hydrogen-rich Kangen Water® is known for its immeasurable health benefits because
of its incredible alkalinity, so the more bubbles that get into your system, the more


But How do the Bubbles Work?

Hydrogen gas is a free radical scavenger – in      other words, it’s a powerful antioxidant! The
H2 bubbles may be extremely tiny, but they
pack a punch in that they are capable of
neutralising even the most damaging, reactive,
free-radicals in your body. In fact, the smaller
the better!
Research has found that H2 “can be used as
an effective antioxidant therapy; owing to its
ability to rapidly diffuse across membranes”
If you’re looking for a safe, effective
antioxidant to keep your body healthy on a
cellular level, visit my website and then give
me a call! I would love to enlighten you and
share my experience with you.There is so much more to this then just the
best water on the planet… Ask me about
True Health
and start your attainable

journey to a achieving not only a Healthy
Body, but also a Healthy Mind and the
Freedom that True Prosperity can afford
you! You can fully enjoy the finer things
in life, all you have to do is ask.

YES! You can have it all and eat your cake

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