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Why Should You Drink Water?

Why Should You Drink Water?

You have probably heard that water makes up over 70% of the body, right? Water is part of all body fluids and is vital to the proper function of the body’s organ systems.

It should be obvious then that the quality of the water you drink is extremely important. For your body to be at optimal health, you should drink only the purest and cleanest water possible.

Consider these interesting facts about water:

  • Two-thirds of us  do not drink the recommended 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Continual loss of water from the body can slow down the metabolic rate by as much as 3%.
  • Over one-third of us have suppressed their thirst mechanism to the point where it is often misinterpreted as hunger.
  • The number one reason for daytime sleepiness and low energy is water loss.
  • By the time a person feels thirsty, his or her body has lost 1-3% of its total water amount, which can affect memory and the ability to concentrate.
  • Water naturally moisturizes skin from the inside out, giving you a fresh looking complexion and a beautiful glow.
  • Water naturally carries more substances than any other liquid found on Earth, including vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Drink Alkaline Ionized Water!

It is clear that drinking water is paramount for a body that functions at a healthy level. Some common sources of drinking water found in city water systems, wells and even springs may contain chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, pesticides and more. Despite their use, these chemicals are not good for the body.

Avoid the worry and drink Alkaline Ionised Water for optimal hydration!

Alkaline and ionized Water offers a better alternative. When your body is at optimal health, the negative factors that are a result of our cultural lifestyle can easily be filtered out. Kangen Water® provides a positive alkaline environment and is filled with only the good things that nature has designed for well-being. We recommend you drink at least 8-10 glasses of alkaline ionised water a day.

Alkaline Ionised Water is not only clean and pure; it is also filled with life enhancing minerals! Enjoy this alkaline water every day, and discover the advantages of smart and optimal-hydration.

With its hydration ability, and mineral enriched great taste, Alkaline Ionised Water is a better choice for a healthy and active body! What could be more important? After all, your body needs more water.

The Alkaline Ionized Water System is compact and easy to install in any home or office. It will conveniently transform your tap water into healthy, balanced water that is perfect for your lifestyle and your wellness goals.

p.s. –  If you “Change Your Water, It Could Change Your Life!”

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Alkaline Body Balance

Alkaline Body Balance

Wow! What does alkaline body balance mean?

Another chapter in my journey with Myofibrillar Myopathy…

Acidity and Alkalinity in your body…

One of the new things I have learnt, is concerning the Acid – Alkaline pH levels in the body, and how similar it is, to the measurement we all take regarding our body temperature! So we should also take note of the fine line regarding our body’s pH levels, of Acidity and Alkalinity!

Well, what does pH level mean?- I hear you ask!, so here is a good definition for you, from Altered States Website

  1. pH: What does it mean? pH is the abbreviation for potential hydrogen. The pH of any solution is the measure of its hydrogen-ion concentration. The higher the pH reading, the more alkaline and oxygen rich the fluid is. The lower the pH reading, the more acidic and oxygen deprived the fluid is. The pH range is from 0 to 14, with 7.0 being neutral. Anything above 7.0 is alkaline, anything below 7.0 is considered acidic.

So pH is the abbreviation for ‘potential hydrogen’.

I’ll try and bring this explanation down to a more understandable level…

Acid Reflux, as an example…

It’s quite simple for me, because for most of my adult life, I have suffered from this burning sensation at the back of my throat after I have had some drink or food, that maybe was a little too rich? It was of course, ‘acid reflux‘ or ‘heartburn‘, as our elderly relatives used to explain…

I used to ‘cure’ it by taking ‘baking soda’ in water,(my late mother’s solution!) and the like of other alkaline substances acquired from the local pharmacy!  I am sure you all know them ” Alka S…..r , “Gavi…n“, “Ren…s“… the list of them I am sure, goes on…

I was renowned for always having a ‘cure’, on board, in our boating days, when we did imbibe in some pretty rich food and drink concoctions, many of which my stomach decided to reject! So a dip into Ron’s secret stash of suitable tablets was a regular occurrence, by me and many of my boating friends!..

Recently I have found out so much more about these things we all accepted as part of life’s rich patterns… I discovered that I was actually just chronically thirsty!! Yes, chronically!! Many of us don’t realise how very clever our bodies are, because our internal systems just get on and do their best to ‘fix’ all the stupid things we may do.  Like drinking too much alcohol… eating to many sweets… drinking very ‘acidic’ drinks all day!.. Yes, we all feel a bit worse for wear at the time, but just continue to accept the ‘bad hangovers’ or in my case the severe bout of ‘heartburn‘…  Whilst being told, “Oh don’t worry it will soon go away!”

Well, I have found a simple answer, and it’s all to do with the Alkaline Body Balance, and Dehydration!


Not drinking enough water everyday, is our problem today! We expect our bodies to cope with it and they do!

The trouble is not always apparent to us though, in how incredibly hard our bodies are trying to rebalance everything inside!

Keeping us as healthy as we need to be, is a major task for our internal systems, in today’s modern world of processed foods, high levels of sugar, salt, dairy, and all the chemicals.  Food and Drinks industries are inserting many harmful additives into our foods, for a multitude of reasons of their own, we are not very often aware of. To combat, deterioration caused by the delay in transportation, from the point of harvesting though to the dinner table. Never mind the chemicals which are put in the soil and sprayed onto the crops before harvesting!

The majority of our food today is processed so badly for our consumption, that its is more often than not doing more harm than good, because the Industry has this insatiable desire to make bigger profits, by ‘cutting back’, wherever they can, yet still being compliant by labelling all the foods with ‘eat-by’ and sell-by’ dates, in the huge supermarket chains we visit, on a weekly basis!

Each of our own internal body systems, are failing to cope with all the additional ‘waste’, the Food Industry is putting in our food, whilst at the same time, insisting it is ‘good’ for us! Then our internal systems, are forced to  take stored nutrients, which fail to come from our food intake, from other parts of our body, in order to keep our body balanced in a natural way, and correctly.

Body Temperature and Acid/Alkaline Balance…

It is essential for us to maintain a good body temperature. 98.4°F = perfect, 104°F = HELP!, even as low as 94°F the other way is also going to raise the alarm!  If we don’t maintain our temperature at the optimum 98.4°F, we will have serious problems in staying well and alive!

The same goes for our water balance too! Neutral pH is 7.3pH, but an ‘acidic level’ below 6.5 pH will leave us open to all sorts of diseases, because disease grows in an acidic environment!  We need to keep our bodies at the optimum level of a neutral pH balance of 7.3 – 7.4 pH, and we can do this by drinking higher levels of Alkaline Ionized Water from between 8.5 ph and 9.5 pH.

Our body is made up of 70% water, so it needs to be the right type of water, to not only keep our body balance, but also to ‘hydrate’ our bodies, and help the body to ‘detox’ naturally with anti-oxidants too.  ( i.e. it cannot be too acidic – hence the ‘acid reflux’ which leads to ill health, chronic disorders, such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes and many of the so called ‘hidden’ disorders, so many of us are experiencing today!) You can find out more, from a free eBook and newsletter, provide for you on my other site Alkaline Ionized Water .

We should maintain, a ‘neutral’ pH balance with the fluids in our bodies, and that’s where our body’s internal systems come into play, to keep it there, in the right parts and at the right time too! Our stomachs, for exampneed an acidic environment in order to process our food, but that acidic state can also become imbalanced if we consume too many of the different processed foods and beverages.  I used to experience all of the following symptoms on a regular basis, of ‘acid reflux’, ‘flatulence’ and incredibly painful, ‘stomach aches’!

The problem is, we get so used to it all and just accept it, then we are surprised when we get other problems in later life! Yet, we still accept it, because we are told; “It’s you’re age, you must expect this when you get older!”

What sort of confidence trick is that? We have a problem, and we are still expected to ignore it!!

A proven solution for me…

Did you ever drink too much and get a hangover?
Did you have too much of the wrong food, and wake up with a headache?
Have you ever got so stressed out that you ended up with a migraine?

I did and I have experienced all the above!…

I wonder how many of you reading this have had the same experience?

For me, there was a simple solution, but I only found it it recently!

It was ‘WATER!‘…

I was ‘dehydrated!’… No, not at the level you think, I wasn’t gasping for water or anything like that! I just was not ‘drinking’ enough water everyday, to help keep my own body’s internal systems running as efficiently as they should be!

Dehydration, doesn’t manifest itself, by letting you know through your mouth, that you need water, but through the hard work , your body constantly has to do, to keep up with the poor quality food intake, but it does manifest itself in other ways! (This is explained in finite detail in many studies, I have recently discovered, and I can refer to in another post.)

Your body is, in effect, ‘stealing’ nutrients from your bones, your liver, your pancreas and other organs of your body, then building up excessive wastes in yet other parts of your body, so that it has a chance to cope with your poor quality food and drink habits. It shows in places like ‘clogged up arteries’ ‘blood clots’ and waste that remains in the intestines, because there is only so much the body can dispose of in any one session! ( you all know where I am going with that one!!)

We hear of things like ‘colonic irrigation’, because there is too much waste in the ‘colon’. We hear of ‘gastric band’ procedure to get rid of waste ‘fatty’ tissues, which we have built up, through our poor quality food intake! I could go on and on and on..

I am not a doctor! just a person with a chronic ‘hidden’ disorder, that most medics have never heard of, with no known cause, no recommended treatment, and certainly no successful medical/chemical cure! I am determined to find out the cause, whatever happens… So I am looking at the so called ‘alternative’ medicines, but I prefer to call them, ‘back to basic’ “Original” remedies and treatments, based on natural organic grown produce.

One final word, for your entertainment…

One simple thing I did find out, which I do hope will amuse you at least… I found a cure for a hangover!… Yes, a real cure!! A glass of Alkaline Ionized Water, before you go to sleep and, ‘Hey presto!’ no hangover!!!

That’s enough for today!, I hope you enjoyed this as well, another episode soon…

If you enjoyed this, as much as I enjoyed writing it, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom, and if you would like some more information, or if I can help you in any way, please contact me here.

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